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  TheRadBrad's Controller!

List Price: $174.95
Our Price: $158.95
Sale Price: $129.95
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Availability:: Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days
Product Code: COTW-06 OPTIC ZENO

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This Controller was featured in our new video series called... Controller Of the Week. We are giving you the chance to buy a look a like! This controller automatically comes with light up buttons! And the price includes a brand new controller and the case. So you are ready to rock!


The things that light up are the A,B,X,Y Buttons. Start and Select And RB and LB buttons. Check our YouTube for a full demo of this controller!

Best Rapid Fire On The Market

Rapid Fire – This controllers contain our 10 Rapid Fire mirco-chip which have default speeds built in but are all programmable to any speed between 4 shots per second and 50 shots per second. You can quickly turn on/off the rapid fire by just tapping the mod button on the back of the controller. When the rapid fire is on the player 4 LED will flash. To Change to the Next Rapid Fire Mode you just need to hold the mod button of the controller for 3 seconds. You will see both the player 3 and Player 4 LED’s flash. They will flash to indicate the now current mode (3 flashes = Mode 3). You can also go backwards in the modes by holding the right trigger along with mod button. See the programming guide on the next page for more information. Below are the default speeds for each mode. [ Programming Guide will be in with paperwork when controller is shipped ]

• Mode 1: 8.33sps - Black Ops (rifles), COD MW2, MW3, COD 4
• Mode 2: 11.35sps - Black Ops (pistols), COD MW2, MW3, COD 4
• Mode 3: 20sps - All Halo series
• Mode 4: 6.85sps - GOW 2/3 (hammerburst)
• Mode 5: 8sps - GOW 2/3 (Pistols)
• Mode 6: 16.67sps - GTA4
• Mode 7: 10sps - COD WaW Fast 10sps
• Mode 8: 8.33sps - COD WaW slow 8.33sps
• Mode 9: 20sps
• Mode 10: 25sps

Burst Fire – By default when you tap the mod button it will turn the normal rapid fire on/off. To change this to burst fire you just need to hold to the right on the right thumbstick and tap the mod button. Now when you tap just the mod button by itself the rapid fire will be in burst mode and the player 4 LED will turn on solid instead of flashing. The burst fire will fire at the current Modes Rapid fire speed and fire the number of rounds set in the programming mode (default is 3 round burst). To turn off the burst fire and go back to normal Rapid fire you just need to hold to the left on the right thumbstick and tap the mod button, you will now be back to normal rapid fire.

Dual Rapid Fire – By default only the right trigger is enabled for Rapid Fire. You can quickly enable the Left Trigger by Holding in the Left trigger and Tapping the mod button. You will see the player 3 LED turn on. The player 3 LED will stay on all the time even if the rapid fire is off, but it will only rapid fire while Rapid fire or Burst Fire is turned on.This is one of our exclusive Rapid Fire Controllers, with the most advanced rapid fire out.

Programmable - Each Rapid fire Mode can be Programmed to one of 50 different speed in-between 4 shots per second and 50 shots per second. You can also set the Burst fire for each mode from 2 – 10 shots per burst

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